About Me

Mark Robinson

Owner   Rest Easy Home Care

Rest Easy Home Care, formerly Robinson’s Home Care, has been around since 2007.

As the manager of Rest Easy Home Care with so many years experience I have a wealth of knowledge and continue to look at ways to improve services and quality. I use only exceptional staff who I personally train and who always give every client, not just a professional quality service at a reasonable price, but also a friendly atmosphere that caters to each person’s needs.

With all cleaning jobs we try to use environmentally friendly products and maintain an extremely high standard on all jobs.

My experience includes individual household cleaning, commercial office suite cleaning and garden maintenance, use of buffer and walk behind floor cleaners, knowledge in PH chemicals and safety in preparations to avoid injury to myself and those around me.

With lawn mowing and yard maintenance we usually prefer to carry out any work after a personal or phone consultation in order to guarantee best results when caring for your lawn and garden.

Features I like to look out for are: how you like your edges are to be groomed, what height you like your lawn so it’s not cut into the soil but also not to high that it looks shabby and unkept. The quality of your lawn is important to us as it is the first thing a person will see when they come to your property.

We value every client who uses our service. We will always do our best to give the highest quality service possible every time. We encourage you to be open with us if you feel we need improvements or adjustments so we can continue to give you a valued friendly service.

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Thank you

Mark Robinson
Rest Easy Home Care